Kaftans Flatter Any Figure

Whether you’re svelte, sultry and self-assured, or have a bit more substance and a bit less confidence than you’d like—these silk kaftans are a fashion statement that always make you look your best.

There’s no style in the world as flattering to any figure or any smile as the kaftan. These alluring silk kaftans flutter in the breeze, wrap themselves around you, and fascinate everyone who sees you walking their way. Admirers see you coming, yet can’t quite make out the figure underneath. So much is left to the imagination!

Kaftans Flatter Any Figure

That’s the idea behind the kaftan, which dates back to ancient Mesopotamia. For thousands of years, colorful, free flowing kaftans have been worn in Africa and throughout the Middle East. In the 1950’s, Christian Dior introduced and popularized the kaftan style, as did several other designers—and Elizabeth Taylor even chose a silk kaftan as her wedding dress (Richard Burton loved it). Her elegant collection of silk kaftans made her look like a star at any size, and her impressive wardrobe raised almost $3 million when auctioned off at Christie’s in 2011. In 2014, fabulous flowing silk kaftans can be obtained at fashionable boutiques in Dubai and Paris, but you can purchase beautiful silk kaftans right here at katherinekellylangkaftans.com

Washable, practical, yet always the height of fashion, these rich silk kaftans will flatter your figure and bring out the sparkle in your eyes. You’ll feel and look like the star of your own life.

Kaftans Flatter Any Figure: Fabulous Silk Kaftans by Katherine Kelly Lang