Top tricks to remove stubborn kaftan stains

Have you ever thought of silk as such a delicate fabric that once you stain it, it is forever ruined? Well, worry not fellow kaftan enthusiasts. Whether it’s a beach blunder, a tiki bar debacle, or a poolside mishap, here are a few tips to bring new life to your coveted kaftans.

Kaftan Stain Removal Guide

1. The unavoidable alcohol stain:

Even if you’re not a drinker, kaftan stains happen to the best of us. The likelihood of someone slipping and spilling a little bit of their cocktail on you during a party is almost unavoidable. Alcohol can leave dingy brown stains on your silk kaftans if it goes untreated. It’s important to take immediate action so as not to forever ruin your prized summertime piece. If caught early usually dabbing some warm water on a clean cloth and allowing your silk kaftan to air dry should do the trick. On the other hand if you happen to find yourself without that luxury, you can always use a combination of ammonia and alcohol to remove the stain. Using extra parts of the two, gently rub into the fabric, but then be sure to wash it with warm water afterwards. Another  less harsh  method is to use glycerin, which can be purchased at your local target or other retailer. Simply dampen your silk kaftan in warm water, rub the glycerin gently into the fabric, wait about 45mins, and rinse with warm water again.

2. The always evil deodorant and perspiration stains:

Very few of us leave the house for any spring or summer outing without making sure we can stay fresh for the day, which means wearing deodorant. The easy solution to this always present issue, oddly enough, is household ammonia. Make sure to dilute the ammonia solution with water, dab onto your kaftan, and repeat if need be. Always rinse your kaftan with warm water after stain removal.

3. Perfume, your silk kaftans’ foe:

What lady doesn’t like to smell fragrant while sporting their kaftan? No matter the occasion, perfume is a must for ladies before attending an event. The alcohol and oils in most perfumes make it especially harsh on your kaftan. To combat this problem apply several drops of denatured alcohol on a cheesecloth. If any of you are familiar with home dry cleaning products, such as Dryel, the same technique applies when treating your kaftan stains. Take the cheesecloth pad with alcohol on it and dab the area from the outside in.  The sponging technique will assist in the disappearance of the stain and restore color to your kaftan.

The Official Guide to Removing Kaftan Stains by Katherine Kelly Lang

Kaftan Stains Official Removal Guide