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Beach Kaftans – The Summertime Staple

Beach kaftans add effortless luxury to your summertime tote Versatility seems to be the common thread when kaftans come to mind. With ever-changing trends it appears that beach kaftans don’t ever lose their functionality. Whether you are a beach babe or a slightly sun-shy bar lover, one must only know how to accessorize to turn […]

Where to Wear Your Kaftan

Where to wear your kaftan?  Anywhere your lovely toes can take you. Wear your Katherine Kelly Lang Kaftan to a film festival, on a cruise, to your wedding—and on your honeymoon! You can also wear your kaftan when you are expecting; it’s the perfect cover up. Pregnant Gillian Anderson wore her kaftan to the Emmys. […]

Kaftans Flatter Any Figure

Whether you’re svelte, sultry and self-assured, or have a bit more substance and a bit less confidence than you’d like—these silk kaftans are a fashion statement that always make you look your best. There’s no style in the world as flattering to any figure or any smile as the kaftan. These alluring silk kaftans flutter […]

Pure Silk, Pure Delight: Step by Step Hand-Washing

These exquisite Katherine Kelly Lang garments are all hand-beaded, pure silk kaftans. Although some believe these luxurious garments must be dry cleaned–it’s absolutely not true! Here are step-by-step suggestions on cleaning your beautiful silk kaftans. Tutorial: Hand-washing your beautiful pure silk kaftan Silk is 100 percent natural, and is entirely washable. These silk kaftans can […]