About the Fabrics

Within the Katherine Kelly Lang kaftan range there will be a beautiful selection of Pure Silk Chiffon, Pure Silk Georgette, Pure Silk Charmuse and Pure Silk Habitai to name just a few. We will also be using Silk Rayon ‘ Burnout ‘ Blends which have a wonderful weight and texture as well as Jacquard Prints for a truly relaxed feel.We also use Hand Painted Silks and Digital Printed Silks. These are truly exquisite and the colors are amazing. They will be in a mixture of different Silk Chiffons, Georgettes, ect within this fabric range.

About the Beading

The beading is the most exquisite hand beading you could imagine. The mediums used are Semi Precious Stones,Crystals, Diamantes, Glass Stones, Seed and Bugle Beads, to name just a few and in most cases the beading on each kaftan will have a slight individual twist, so no two will be the same.

Certificate of Authenticity

Each kaftan from our Signature Range comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. The Certificates are personally signed by Katherine Kelly Lang. As there are only very limited numbers of kaftans made from each different piece of fabric, and in some cases, there may only be ONE made from a particular piece, each kaftan will have its own number in the series to which it belongs. For example you may purchase from the Avalon Range – Alegra, a kaftan that is numbered 2/6. This would indicate that there are only six kaftans made in that particular fabric range / color and you have the second kaftan sold from this range. !!!!

As time goes by, these kaftans may become Collectors Items !!!